Welcome to Allans Bed and Breakfast !

I wish you very welcome to my homepage and my home here at Sinebjerg!
It is my wish that you enjoy some very comfortable days at my Bed and Breakfast rooms, or the summer cottage here in the beautiful nature of southern fynen and you get a good experience, when you rent my kayaks. If you find that some information is missing, please do not hesitate to contact me.



A litle information about me, the houses and the environment.

The houses on Sinebjergvej 66, the small one is built 1890 as a net house (fishing net storing) for the fishermen who were living at Sinebjergvej 59. The large one was built by the same fishermen.
I bought the houses in 1966 while I was working in El Salvador in Central  America. In 1977 I got permission to enlarge the houses it took 7 months. I myself have worked constantly outside of Denmark for 36 years  I built telephone exchanges for Ericsson Telecom of Sweden. I have worked in El Salvador, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Libanon, Ethiopia, Thailand, Malaysia, Oman, Algeria, Nigeria, Indonesia, Morocco, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, at varying times, The longest in Morocco 10 years       I had a wonderful  time there and the shortest in Yemen, when there was the attaq on the 2 towers in New York, it was considered too dangerous to stay there and I left.
The area where the houses are, is very beautiful right on the beach and with  a very great nature, hilly and green, it is on the beach right at the waters edge with own jetty and view over the south Fynen archipelago and to Lyø,Als and Ærø. There are very many activities in the area,  within a radius of 20 Km. there is enough for 1-2 weeks if you shall see it all, they can be found under the link "activities".

Activities nearby

You can find more informations about different activities, that are available in the Faaborg area on Sydfyn, if you click under activities or if you click HERE.


10. Jan. 2021

The room rental prices are now reduced by 50 Kr. pr night, as breakfast is no longer offered. Our guest have the possibility to order bread and buy necessary commodities at the camping sites shop, 150 meter from our House.   

20. Mar. 2020
Bed and Breakfast prices have been regulated again for the 2020 season. To keep up with the general costs associated with the running of a B&B, as well as the general inflation rate. minor augmentation have been attributed.